• Aisling Arundel

Fire 'Em Up! Tom's Secret to Cooking Scallop

Updated: Mar 15

Scallops are succulent, juicy and the ultimate seafood treat. The season for scallop fishing is typically November to March. These creamy delights are caught by using a dredge which is towed along the seabed and the scallops. The dredge is hauled into the boat and Tom handpicks the scallop out of the net. Many other members of the seabed like starfish, peri winkles and seaweed hop in for the ride but Tom throws them back into the water once he takes his scallop.

Like most shellfish they are typically brought to the boil and before grilling, stir-frying or putting in a seafood bake. What few people know is that you can cook them in the fire. Yep, you heard me — you can place the scallop, in its shell of course, and pop it right on the flame.

Watch the scallop shell darken as the heat cooks the inside. It'll take about 4-5 minutes for it to cook through but ensure to note the when the shell starts to open and reveal a bubbling froth. The shell will only open when its almost cooked so don't take it out before then. Be careful of the juices as they're boiling hot so using tongs, remove the scallop from the flame and decide how you'd you like to eat it. You can either remove the top of the shell and eat the scallop directly off the bottom shell or else simply remove it using a small knife. If you eat it off the shell, make sure to rinse it with water to remove any potential ashes.

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